Sex with a prostitute

If you are looking forward to having sex with a prostitute in India, then do understand that you are a free bird. I was someone who never enjoyed an intimate sex session with his girlfriend. My girlfriend was not ready to do the things I wanted. But as I wanted to satisfy myself, I just considered having sex with her. But somehow it happened that the relationship between us worked out and we broke up. At that moment, my sexual cravings were hitting me very hard, and I turned to getting sex services.

Sex with a prostitute

Well, do understand that when you are having sex with a prostitute in India, it can turn out to be enjoyable or it can turn out to be held as well. I have approached 34 girls till date, and the experience is a combination of both. The escort I approached for the very first time was among those who helped me enjoy a lot of things. She helped me to explore all the positions mentioned in Kamasutra and tried out BDSM as well. I just heard about BDSM through the movie Fifty Shades of Grey, but after trying it out with the escort in real life, I was like, "What?" Yes, my reaction was the same.

Is sex with a prostitute in India enjoyable?

After that, the second girl I approached, my experience with her was so annoying. She was not listening to me and she was doing as she wanted. But I was not completely satisfied either. For me, communication during an intercourse session is really very important.

So yes, sex with a prostitute in India can either be enjoyable or not. It entirely depends on the girl you are approaching. If the girl is enjoying having sex with you, then you can feel like you are in heaven. But if he is not enjoying it, then it is just a normal intercourse session where you are paying for having sex.

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